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A Janus of a town in North London, with two distinct personalities, both of which are a pain to drive through. The first, a chavved up crudhole with the distinct aroma of burgers and piss, littered with chavs, goths, and annoying representatives from organisations that want to irritate you enough to join.
The second, a ridiculously overindulgent private school where scholarships and intellegence are unnecessary, both due to the extreme amounts of moolah in possesion by the pupils' parents.
1."Excuse me Sir/Madam, I'm from 'Let's make Harrow great together', what do you think of this area?"
"I wouldn't let my dog shite in it"

2."Oh ya, I attended Harrow '99 'till '06. Just bought my first company, went bust within the hour but its ok becuz the only buggers who suffer are the workers, and they don't count becuz they are poor."
by JChizzle September 15, 2006
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