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Your group of individuals you trust and hold near and dear to your heart. Can also be used as a substitute for the word "dude".
Example 1:
*At the usual hangout spot with friends*
Aye yo. Wuddup, fam!

Example 2:
*Sees random cool looking guy on the street*
Aye yo. Wuddup, fam.
by J.O.N February 03, 2015

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To have sex; to gain some pussy/dick (depending on your sexual preference) especially after working for it
Tell that bitch I need some head tonight, I got my cheddar right
She said, how much you tryna spend tonight? I got the better price
I said, I can't even spend the night, I gotta catch a flight
But I still touch it down like Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice, touchdown
by J.O.N January 29, 2015

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To get butthurt after a negative occurrence. Especially after getting roasted, declined, rejected, etc.
Person 1 (roasting person 2): Look at those gay ass shoes you wear, only fuckin' homeless people wear that shit. And your hair? What is this, 2009? And what the fuck kinda' shirt you wearing?

Person 2: *No response, sad face*

Everyone: Ahhhhh, you salty!
by J.O.N February 03, 2015

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