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The main Character in Final Fantasy 10. He is living in a large city called Zanarkand, when a monster named sin, attacks, he is transported to a world called Spira. There he meets new friends (Rikku, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri, and Yuna). He also reunites with his mentor from Zanarkand, (Auron.).

He is also the Star player of the "Zanarkand Abes" a Blitzball team, no the best team in Zanarkand.

Uses a sword and is very agile, he can hit even the fastest enemies.

Ends up that his Zanarkand was a dream of the Fayth. While the real Zanarkand was destroyed by Bevelle 1000 years ago in The Machina War
Note that your characters name can be changed, it doesn't have to be Tidus, this is the default name.
by J. Fawcett January 19, 2006

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