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Sexual term involving two conditions: 1. Only used for break-up sex. 2. Must never be done at your house, only at your girlfriend's or soon to be ex.
Snaking is a form of anal sex. You start out like normal by performing anal sex. You then proceed to ejaculate in her anus. Then let your penis go limp while still in her rectum. Once your penis is limp quickly pull it out and back away. This will cause her anus to convulse and she will shit all over herself and the bed. Hence why you don't do it at your house. This makes the perfect break up sex because she will be so embarrassed that she will never want to talk to you again.
"Last night my girl wanted to break up, so I went to her house and I was snaking her! She hasn't called since!!"
by J. Cash March 12, 2009

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