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A mild, low spectrum form of Autism (not unlike Asperger Syndrome) brought about by overexposure to the Internet. Accompanying symptoms include : greasy hair, pale skin, poor hygiene and an overwhelming dearth of social skills.
Do you have greasy hair, pale skin, horrible hygiene, a fear of the outdoors and a general unwillingness to engage in social interaction outside of an internet forum? You, too, can haz Cheezburger Syndrome!
by J-radical December 02, 2010
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The genital package of a squatting nude man when viewed from behind. Similar in appearance to a fleshy tea bag.
"Remember in that movie Eastern Promises when Viggo Mortensen kills that guy in the sauna? You could totally see his brundle."...fearless work...
by J-radical October 24, 2009
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