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1) Any person hired by large organizations, foundations, corporations, think-tanks, non-profits, etc... to collect money for seemingly benign purposes. 2)Any person paid by any interest group, corporation, foundation, conglomerate, etc... to collect signatures for State Initiatives for seemingly benign legislation that in actuality only benefit said interest group. 3) Any politician seeking re-election.
1)Man, I was mobbed by some chem co. corporate beggars on my way lunch, I f@#% up and made eye contact with one- he wouldn't shutup about the terrorism resulting from the new plastic bag tax, waving some initiative in my face to repeal the tax.
by J Pickwick September 25, 2010

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A gang of women oohing and awing around a baby.
My baby and I stepped off the elevator into a full blown baby choir, women in mid-babygasm singing all around us!
by J Pickwick August 06, 2010

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Weapon(s) of Economic Mass Destruction:
1) Any financial product loaded with garbage investments that is either described by the seller as investment grade or has received a AAA rating or both.
2) Economic sanctions
3) Student Loans
My financial advisor recommended I buy this fund that his brother packed with bad loans and which my advisor was shorting- straight dropping a WEMD into my portfolio!
The latest WEMD dropped on Freedonia will protect not only Libertia's nutmeg interests, but will also secure the global supply of liberty.
Just graduated- now I can feed that WEMD every month for the next 30 years!
by J Pickwick January 04, 2012

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Completely used-up, emptied, or deflated. Left ragged, run- down, or completely destroyed.
Please recycle your cockenated beer bottles. Damn, that cat lady's straight cockenated.
by J Pickwick June 30, 2010

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