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1. Plans to do in the very near future (...or an excuse for procrastination)
2. About to start something
3. (To a lesser degree) To make preparations for something
4. In the case that it is an excuse, it's also cause for a good butt whoopin

See Finna
Mama: Boy did you clean that room yet?
Boy: I'm Fin' to!
Mama: What did you say!
Boy: I'm about to do it right now.
Mama: That's right. You better had!
by J Mack July 10, 2005
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1. (general) a phrase used to identify something or someone that meets a personal standard of approval in which you would engage in it (bone it, hit it, do it, etc.)

2. (v) To rip a hot beat lyrically; to ride a beat/track; to put it down lyrically. The concept is that a beat or track is so hot, you got to get on it, same thought process as definition 1 but in terms of rapping over a hot beat.

See freak dat
1. Guy 1: What about her? would you freek dat?
Guy 2: Fo sho! I'd freek dat, that gul is fine!

2. "Yo, that beat is ill, let me freek dat."
"Yo, son, I'm bout to freek dat beat, watch out!"
by J Mack July 10, 2005
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