1 definition by J & J

A Trendoid is basically any person that overexceedinly dresses in the most current trends… Someone who walks the streets of New York’s SOHO or LA with his pummas or chuck tailors…lounging in the latest vintage remake from some expensive boutique… or even true vintage sometimes which is at least a bit more authentic. They can also be described as "code" someone who really cant think of his or her own style so they buy what’s on the window maniquin at H&M…. since that’s what everyone else is wearing… it must be safe… it’s easy to be a soldier in the big city!
We were walking down Prince Street and a guy passes buy
that’s a major Trendnoid… black sunglasses, dirty trucker hat, ripped yet tight jeans… vintage T… screen printed messenger bag… shaggy hair… and a “too cool for school” grin on his face… we look at eachother and unintentionally say in unison…. “Trendoid”.
by J & J March 16, 2006