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The newest and best kept secret at EVHS which has begun to gain popularity in the student body. Shirts are now being made under the Handstands name, and the word, along with its products, are starting to appear on other campuses in the area as well. The people who started it tell us that they are not allowed to tell us what it means, but do let us know that a select few have been told. There are rumors that 19 confidents have been told the definition, as 'Handstands' seems to have ties with the 19 Community.
student 1: Hey my new "We Run EV" shirt from the Handstand guys just came in!

student 2: Really? My cousin at MP just bought one at the basketball game, and I have the original "I Love Handstands" one.

student 3: What're Handstands?

student 1: I don't know, but who cares?
by IttyBittyHelloKitty October 30, 2009
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