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a NL entity that, despite all its World Series appearances, could only win ONE (and that was really by luck, in '95 against the Indians). they haven't even made it to the fall classic in over 5 years, and the last time they did, in '99, were demolished by the Yankees in four straight.

their owner thinks he is some sort of demigod (even naming the team's home field and the adjacent street after him), but in reality is a mindless coke/crack addict who only got rich from his daddy's inheritance. hell, he couldn't even keep "Hanoi Jane" Fonda by his side for very long.

meanwhile, Bobby Cox is still with them, either because he thinks he's the pope, and will hang on to the job until he croaks, or perhaps because no one else would want to manage this miserable excuse for a MLB franchise.

all too often,fans of this utterly pathetic "team" will slag other teams and their fans, notably the Mets and Marlins, but let's look at some numbers, shall we?

Marlins' World Series appearances: 2
" " championships: 2
that's a 1.000 percentage!
a perfect record!

Met's World Series appearances: 4
" " championships: 2
a .500 pecentage
still, not bad!

and now the braves.....

World Series appearances: 5
" " championship: ONE
for a percentage of .200!!

and it will only get get lower as the years go on....
in short, braves suck ass. they will never win another championship...MAYBE a pennant, but never again a World Series.

enough said.
by ItHadToBeSaid December 27, 2004

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