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A term for when you have so many things happening on your computer at a time that even opening a folder takes at least 20 seconds. This is most common with small computers or people who use a lot of high ram requiring programs at a time (ie: motion, color, final cut, photoshop, ect.)

The term derives from the process of "rendering" in which is most known from final cut. The rendering process is slow and makes your computer lag like a bitch, thus when you are doing multiple things on the computer, your getting "render fucked"
Guy 1- *On the phone* Dude! look up fat guy fail on youtube
Guy 2- I cant, i have final cut, motion, color, 12 tabs on safari, and i tunes running at the same time. Im getting render fucked
Guy 1- well then quit a few of your tabs.
Guy 2- no
by It happens to me all the time September 20, 2010

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