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When a boy is horny his penis goes hard and his pulse rate speeds up.Its called Erection.
When a girl is horny their pussy starts throbbing and gets wet and moist.
Jenna's pussy was wet and throbbing because of what she read in urbandictionary on the 7th example.She stayed in after school to finish her work.She layed on the teachers desk and started fingering her pussy and started rubbing it,She cummed.Mr Wooley walked in."Umm..." He said.Jenna could see the shape sticking up slightly in his pants.He walked over to her.She immediately pulled his trousers and boxers down to reveal a massive throbbing dick.He was horny.So was she.His dick was 10 inches.Jenna was still a virgin but she begged Mr Wooley to do more.He finally gave in and pushed all of him into Jenna fiercely.Jenna screamed in pleasure."MR WOOLEY!!"Jenna shouted.He shushed her."Call me Oliver." He said,she nodded.Oliver's dick got harder,it felt like a big long plastic dildo in her.She cummed.Oliver laughed and went very hard,fast and deep.He hit her G-spot and Jenna screamed loud in pleasure.Oliver started fisting her.
by Irishgirl1 August 21, 2013

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