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Identical to cointel pro created by USA president J Edgar Hoover which targeted black supremacy groups in the inner city aka the ghetto which sent in various government agents like CIA, FBI local police and black operatives to dismantle undermine and often times assassinate well know born leaders within the black power movement like Huey P Newton of the black panther party in the the sixties and seventies. Same snake different face. In the 21st century the media, law enforcement and the USA government has perpetuated propaganda and giving this name to racially profile and to commit genocide war crimes of blacks with this true lie derogatory stereo type to justify terrorizing the inner city predominantly by law enforcement and USA government agencies like FBI, CIA, DEA, US MARSHALLS and black operatives.
Blacks are often misunderstood and labeled black identity extremist because of their strong personalities and resilience. If you ask me I think they all want to be like blacks, besides blacks are the most imitated race on the planet from the way they talk to the way they dress!
by Insurrection October 18, 2018
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We have eyes and ears everywhere. Black operatives like myself control anything and everything that goes on under the sun with our shadow government which simply means our own government within the government thru our clandestine defacto.
Secret society all we ask is trust therefore us black operatives don't divulge our secrets to clones, robotoids, or brain dead air heads who make up the majority of the globes population who's smart phones and iPhones are smarter then them cause quite frankly their stupidity never ceases to amaze me of how dumb down their idolized technology has made them.
by Insurrection February 03, 2019
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People with Fortune 500 minds are phenom's and run empires. You have the street smart type like Big Meech, Jay z, LOX, Nas, SUBZERO GROOVE, El Chapo, Jeezy, E40, BIGGIE, TUPAC, and are grade A upper echelon Puppet Masters similar to the Godfather™© how the manipulate the strings and control with impetuous Power behind the scenes. Then you have the legal book smart legal types like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren buffet, the Shark Tank ™© Moguls.

Last you have the ancient mythical type like Cleopatra, King David, King Solomon, Mansa Musa and many more! They have all amassed enormous gorgeous fortunes well into the trillions!(all the types Fortune 500 mind's.)
People with Fortune 500 minds are geniuses and are useless the most wealthiest people on the planet cause they're planning execution and strategies are impeccable and second to none bar applause!
by Insurrection February 14, 2019
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Euthanasia is know as a mercy kill to put someone out of their misery humanely sometimes inhumanely in the military without revealing their death wish to their chain of command, superiors.
Sergeant Kincaid and his platoon were creeping thru enemy terrain. Shots rang out and Machiavelli stepped on a land mine. Machiavelli body blew up into two pieces. While the fire fight was at it's Pinnacle Machiavelli begged his platoon member without advising the sergeant for a euthanasia lethal injection. Machiavelli was injected and died a quick death as per his death wish request by his platoon member in which he closed his eyes to show respect for the dead.
by Insurrection June 23, 2018
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