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A southern slang word that's become popular around the nation.
A light-skinned mixed person (black and white). They also have Native American ancestry, giving their skin and hair reddish undertones. A true redbone is all three ethnicities. A yellow bone is a light skinned mixed person. No Native American blood to give the reddish coloring.

"Thick" is not a redbone characteristic. The mixture of the three races does make it more likely though; that's why you hear about so many thick redbones.

Redbones often inherit the best traits of all three races (good hair, big pretty eyes, and natural womanly curves are all dominant), and are generally, as a "race" unbelieveably good-looking.
beautiful black woman, bet that @!&*% look betta red- lil wayne
Ciara=Redbone. Irish & German, African American, and Native American.
Keyshia Cole=Yellowbone. African American and Italian.
by Inky092 January 13, 2011
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