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Carbomachiato Noun Any of the foofoo coffee drinks that are blended but loaded with sugar.
Heather quit working for Starbucks because of all the carbomachiatos they sell! She wanted to say "Why not go with a nice cup of tea with no sugar?"
by Infomaniacal February 23, 2011

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Denialsaur Noun A person who thinks he or she is cool but is just old and in denial.
Gina's Mom is 48 and wears Forever 21, but that does not *make* her 21. She is a total denialsaur.
by Infomaniacal February 23, 2011

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When a person who is normally into shallow things like clothes, fashion, etc, turns out to be actually well grounded and into non profit causes... They are a a combination of Fashionista and an enigma.... a fashionigma!
Melissa A. (MAPS) is into Chanel and Jimmy Choo, but she worked for Assist International and traveled to Romania to help their kids. She is a total Fashionigma.
by Infomaniacal January 15, 2011

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