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The body part all boys wish they had and all girls are proud of
A girl wearing a skirt kicked the boy in the balls. As he was on his knees holding his balls in pain, he looked up at her. The girl lifted her skirt; she had no underwear on, and the boy could clearly see her vagina opening. He immediately envied her vagina, which never hurt as much as his balls did when kicked.
by Inferior Boy September 16, 2006
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1)The object of a boy's fear and a girl's confidence.
2)The object of a boy's pain and a girl's pleasure.
3)The object of a boy's inferiority, and a girl's superiority
1)The girl confidently threatened the boy with a swift kick to his testicles, and the boy grabbed his groin in fear.
2)The girl kicked the boy in the testicles, the boy was holding his groin in utter pain, and the girl was stroking her clit in pleasure.
3)The boy was on the ground clutching his groin after being kicked in the testicles, feeling less than adequate, while the girl stood over him feeling like a dominant being.
by Inferior Boy September 01, 2006
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