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Irish variant for the glutus maximus (ie, ones ass, butt, bottom, buns etc.)
My arse is sore;
Me arse;
Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!;
My arse is numb.
by Insane December 24, 2002

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When something is lucky and is used to your advantage. Its a stupid term which I believe orignated from Rocket Power.
Sam just did an olly. "Go sam, its your birthday, its your birthday."
by Insane March 21, 2004

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A variant of the word 'Fuck' mad famous, and created by award-winning and brilliant comedy series 'Father Ted' in which Father Jack Hackett was fond of saying 'Feck. Created due to the writers not being allowed to say 'fuck'
What the feck is that gobshite on about?
Feck off!
Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!
by Insane December 24, 2002

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drugs that are depressants. Drugs like weed.
druggie:"Do you have any uppers"
dealer:"No man only downers."
druggie:*"well when can I see mary jane? I wanna take her on a cheap date."
Last sentence is code for, do you have any weed for cheap.?
by Insane February 07, 2004

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what hispanics calla glass pipe. in spanish its short for"la Pipa".
Hey man pass the "lp" over here.
by insane March 07, 2004

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