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Overrated University. Rankings based on international students state its one of the top in the world. Lie. A physics,engineering,maths,chemistry..etc degree is as good as any polytechnic European university or US. Full of freaks, un-social, they may be a hottie or two,( if there's luck) but they're all freaks, don't know what real life is until they get out. A good university if you want to be an aeronautical engineer etc, not as good for business, mainly practical, not theoretical.

Male dominance, few female, lot's of middle-lower class with good grades. 90% interantional students
I attended Imperial College and have 2 brothers who went too for engineering and physics and two cousins who studied in France and Germany. My cousins earn nearly 30,000 euros more than my brothers and than me...Coincidence? We're all on the same business.
by Imperialalumni March 30, 2010
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