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A website that uses the term "satire" to get away with paedophilia.

The users of Encyclopedia Dramatica often consist of fat autistic

weeaboos making fun of...fat autistic weeaboos . (They are like animals who eat their young)

Like the users of 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica users actually do not have human rights . If a user were to die in the street you can legally throw the body away in a trash can.
Encyclopedia Dramatica user: Hello, I'm a Encyclopedia Dramatica user.


First Encyclopedia Dramatica user: Shoots Encyclopedia Dramatica user 2 because he has no basic human rights.
by Ima_nice_guyyyy October 16, 2018

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A cringe compalation consists of stolen videos supposably cringey. They often consist of unfunny texts in the video such as "your mom" and other things a 12 year old would say. People make these vids in hopes of getting lots of views and feeling good about themselves to make up for the attention that their mother never gave them.
Yayyy . A 9 year old's art that is cringey because they are new at this. Let me take it and put it into my cringe compalation and get views off their art and feel like I have importance in this world.
by Ima_nice_guyyyy February 16, 2018

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A crusty pedophile that the democrats praise. He diddles kids and can't formulate even the simplest of sentences
Liberal: I voted for Joe Biden because I want change and hate the orange grumpffff. Lolollllll.

Regular person: If you think that hair sniffing, crusty, pedophile is going to do any better, you are dumber than a box of sand.

Liberal: reeeeeeeee
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