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Kasey is the type of girl any guy would be lucky to have, to marry, to give anything for. She loves to make people happy, she's very caring, funny, kind, helpful, and even protective. When she is in a relationship she doesn't let anyone talk crap on her other half, she doesn't like to disappoint him, nor make him mad. Kasey is the type of girl that stays happy, she's a fighter, strong, shy, and the ones that are special to her are the ones opinions that mean the most. She loves traveling, and taking road trips. If you are dating a Kasey make sure you never let her go. She's a great mother, sister, grand-daughter, niece, aunt, and most definitely a great wife. She loves kids, she'd give anything to make someone happy. But don't misunderstand me, Kasey can be very stubborn, if she doesn't want to do something, there's a very good chance she won't. Kaseys usually have beautiful eyes, and smooth hair, and really good at pleasing a man, she may not know it but many have told her that she's a heartbreaker

Kasey is amazing, unique, and you'd be lucky to date one.
Guy: Kasey you are my everything!
Guy: She is one of a kind.
Girl: I'm so jealous of her. She is perfect.
Girl: Move here comes Kasey
by Ilovemywife October 13, 2013

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