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A Crime Drama about a team of FBI agents that race the clock to find Missing Persons. The average episode opens with a person doing an every day thing before vanishing into thin air. The team then spends the hour searching through every aspect of the missing persons life, usually finding quite a few different crimes they commited and usually having half a dozen suspects they are sure did it. In the end you'll realize nobody kidnapped or hurt them at all, they just ran away or got caught up doing some crime (usually for a good reason)
The team of agents consists of:
-Jack Malone, a divorced father very passionate about his work and usually speaks in a ruff monotone voice that makes me, the audience, worry if he's well.
-Vivian Johnson, a short black woman with a receeding hair line and a thick (and fake) New York accent.

-Samantha Spade, a pretty blonde stereotyped as that strong independant woman every crime show has , but who get together with almost every guy on the show.
-Danny Taylor, a young handsome Spanish man from a troubled and broken home. Every season you learn some new horrible event from his childhood that makes you wonder why he hasn't lost it.
-Martin Fitzgerald, the son of a high powered veteran agent who has to live up to high expectations yet also show he is more than just his father...blahblahblah...
-Elena Delgardo, a beautiful Spanish mother who came in in the fourth season and has really only ever been Dannys love interest.
Did you see Without a Trace last week? Talk about anger management when Jack threw that chair through the window! Or when Danny punched that suspect?
by IloveDannyTaylor February 5, 2011
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