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She's the type of girl who puts others in front of herself. She is loyal, honest and one of a kind. Sometimes she can be emotional but at other times she'll put on a mask and act as if nothing is going on. She could be broken but wouldn't dare to tell you. She only wants the best for everyone. She really is a calm and loving person. If such a girl is in your life, don't ever make the mistake of losing her. She appreciates friends who would stay by her side no matter what. Her life is a roller coaster and she doesn't ask for support, she doesn't trouble anyone with her problems but all she needs is a shoulder to lean on. She is a smart and beautiful being. Not only on the outside but also on the inside. If she cares about someone she will do whatever she can for that person. Look into her eyes, they'll tell you everything. Don't play around with her feelings... Seriously she may be the sweet adorable girl but won't hesitate to show everyone who they're f***ing with. Don't mess with Jatti.
Jaskiran is a name of a girl who is awesome! I don't know who you could use this in a sentence. Unless you know a Jaskiran.. Treat her right.
by Ilikefoodespeciallypizza July 27, 2017
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