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Anyone who is not a native of the United States of America.
The term "American" fails to accurately describe someone living in the USA, because "America" refers to all of North and South America, so unless you are refering to each and every person on these two continents, you can not use the term "American". When refering to someone who lives in the USA, they are called a United Stater. Click tater hater for more information.
"Wow, George Bush is such a United Stater! So am I! So is everyone who lives in the USA!"

United Staters are Americans, but Americans are not always United Staters.

There are over 300 million United Staters.
by Ikurasake Gerigenion September 07, 2007

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Someone who donates way more than their share to a sperm bank just so they can integrate their genes into as many artificially inseminated babies as possible.
Person 1: "I go to the sperm bank twice every week so I can spread my DNA over as many babies as possible to create an army of little me's!"

Person 2: "Dude, quit being such a sperm bank whore! No one wants your ugly genes polluting their babies!"
by Ikurasake Gerigenion January 26, 2008

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