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2 definitions by Ikara Khoen

This adjective is created by merging the words 'random' and 'saga'.
It is used occasionally to predefine a tale and incite interest as usually first you will have to explain the term to your audience. Commonly it means a series of events that undeniably meet the criteria for random, haphazard hilarity.
1. Hey, gey this guys, was such a randomsaga. Jez and I... sorry? What's a...? Oh, well a randomsaga is...

2. Jeremy and I were in town and an old lady lost control of her zimmer frame and we jumped on as it rolled down the hill and went on glorious adventures to Sweden with a talking apple, etc.
by Ikara Khoen November 25, 2004
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A satisfying-to-wield adjective to exclaim hugeness, bigness, greatness (although not in the almighty sense).

Formed from the similarly sounding German word 'uber'.

Try it, you'll like it.
CORRECT: "Ooba Danger!" (in the event of bad things)

INCORRECT: "I am an ooba Christmas tree salesman." (this word can describe neither a large, nor successful Christmas tree salesman)

MAYBE: "I am a salesman of ooba Christmas trees." (Although unless your desperate, ooba is not the best word to exclaim your love of big trees.)
by Ikara Khoen November 25, 2004
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