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Rock music is a music genre that mostly is considered the respectable type.. if not abused. But as time goes on, it becomes so ramphant that even zoo animals can create one. Rock music is also the resort for music lovers who just wanted to look cool or who'd rather play instrument to drown their horrible voices or because having so ugly faces they wanna get a lil attention by choosing this as their salvation. As the note increases the instruments' sound also increases prone to breaking the eardrums of real music listeners. Rock music would be best served when concocted with drugs, uncombed and unwashed hair, freaky tattoos, alcohol, bitches, whores etc. And also, most rock groups aren't even talented. They are merely posers who wanna make money and get laid every single second.
If u wanna get laid and rip money off from hallucinating young men, do rock music.
by Ihatemostrockgroups April 24, 2006

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