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A rap group formed in harlem in 1993 consisting of Big L, Mcgruff, Mase, Killa Kam(Cam'ron) and Bloodshed. Before they could get a deal, the rappers went their different ways, Mase signing with Bad boy, Cam'ron got a deal, and Mcgruff was killed in a car accident. One of the most talented groups to never make it big. Marketed to be like the Wu-tang clan, except exclusive to Harlem artists.
This money be temptin me, to jump out the MPV, empty 3
clips of hollow tips with no sympathy
since 14 I sold morphine for more green
kept open a nautica coat under the draw sting
and watched out for cops, squad cars, and beamerz
and laundry ninas
flea the country to Argentina
laid back in the beach (yeah)
coastin with commuters
smokin the buddahs, on the cruiseline boat to Aruba
for awhile yo, pump the vowel so, I can pile dough
then become a Harlem Kingpin just like Al Po'
get paid so, I can lay low, in San Diego
with yay-o so I can ship it out whenever I say so

C.o.C: Mase- American Dreams
by Ian21622 February 06, 2006

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