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Highly intellectual people, who know that a few years from now, it won't matter how many trophies you have, or how cool you were, cause you will probably end up working for some idiot who underpays. While jocks go around looking down on anyone not in their clique, anti-jocks are friendly (dispite popular belief) and are mainly friends with everyone. Except for jocks. Even anti-jock girls don't talk about make-up. Anti-jocks normally follow thair own fashion rules, unlike preppy girls who all look alike. Dispite what other people may think, thay're very happy with the way they are.
Jock guy: Hey Courtney
Preppy girl: Hey Craig!

Preppy girl: Craig is soooo hot!
Preppy friend: Omgz, you're soooo totally right
Nearby anti-jock: Wtf? Get a life you mindless loser
Another nearby anti-jock: Sheep.
by I_Killed_Amelia September 16, 2006

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