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A person that isn't technically a hipster, but often dresses like one, and listens to quite a bit of hipster-esque music. In order to be a "hipster fuckhead," you cannot be a complete hipster. This term is reserved for people with hipster-like qualities only
Person #1: "Look at Cody over there, listening to indie and dressed like a hipster; when I know for a fact that he's far too interesting to be an actual hipster. WTF."

Person #2: Yea, that's Cody for you. Cool guy, but he's a total hipster fuckhead."
by I_Hate_Tools October 13, 2011
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A rusty tool is a person of the tool variety that has obviously been a tool for a very long time. This is different than a tool that is very new to the tool genre of faggotry. A rusty tool has been a total douchebag for years, and is on the fast track to nowhere. Well, nowhere except for even more tool-like qualities. They don't age gracefully, kids. Don't try to be a tool for fun, not even for halloween.
Guy #1: Dude that guy is such a faggotron.
Guy#2: Nah, dude, he's a tool, he's wearing Ed Hardy.
Guy #1: Psh, dude, he's a fucking rusty tool. Look how much hair gel build-up he's got going on. Only a tool of great age could have that much funk.

Also, a good example of a rusty tool is any guy off of the popular MTV show, Jersey Shore.
by I_Hate_Tools September 25, 2010
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