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One Of The Main Characters In Stephenie Meyers Book Twilight!!! He Is A Totally Loving Hot Kind Strong Amazing Boy/ Vampire And He Loves Bella Swan The Main Character Of the Book!!! He Has Raised The Standards Girls Have For Boyfriends All Over The World!!!!! He Sparkels In The Sun.... Could It Get Any Better?
Boy:Hey Wanna Go Out?
Girl:Do You Sparkle Like Edward Cullen?
Girl:The Vampire From Twilight!!!!
Boy:Oh You Mean That Book Girls Love? Of Course I Don't Its Fictional!!!
Girl:Then I Can't Go Out With You, I Love Edward And Vampires That Sparkle!!!!
Boy:Dam Wish I Sparkled Thats The Tenth Girl To Turn Me Down With That Reason This Month!!!!
by ILoveEdwardCullen March 14, 2009

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