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Breasts; boobs. The upper portion of a female which men like to stare at.
Did you see the bussoms on that girl?
by ILikeToScreamAtStrangers May 07, 2010

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A pansy werewolf in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Thinks he's so hot and wants to have little puppies with the whiny-ass Bella Swan. He also has an anger-management problem.

Most tweens think he is so hot and great and super because of the actor who plays him in the film adaptation of the books, Taylor Lautner. Who, I too shall add, is a snout-faced pansy.

It's a fictitious book. STOP WORSHIPPING IT.
Twitard: OMG! im totlly in luv w/ Jacob Black frm the twilight series. hes super hottt!!!!!!11!!!.
Guy: Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
by ILikeToScreamAtStrangers May 16, 2010

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