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THE Hip-Hop heavyweight, he is the pinnacle of producing.
He started in World Class Wrecking Kru, then went on to NWA, where he, along with Eazy-E, took the super group to new heights. Unforunately, he and Eazy-E had a falling out due to him leaving to join Death Row. This marked the point where the group which no one thought could ever be stopped... stopped. Earlier, Ice Cube and MC Ren left, believing Dre and Eazy were taking more money.

Dre then went on to collaborate with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and of course, "The Don Kiluminati" AKA Makaveli AKA 2Pac.

He then left Death Row to start his own label. This started a beef with 2Pac, who considered him a traitor for leaving the Row. (Funnily enough, 2Pac was leaving Death Row to start Amaru Records when he was killed)

He now is CEO of Aftermath Records, a label running under Interscope Entertainment. He now frequently collaborates with, and produces for, artists such as The Game, G-Unit, Eminem, Obie Trice, Xzibit and many more. He is extremely rich and powerful, holding much sway over the Hip-Hop world
1 "Yo man, you hear bout that guy who tried to fuck wit Dr Dre?"

2 "Yeah, didnt Young Buck stab that fucka wit a fork?"

1 "Yeah, thats some funny shit, eh?"

2 "True dat!!"
by ILL1C1T January 05, 2007
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