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A thin or wiry African American, or any man being dark in skin tone, to be perceived as "black". Slightly unnaturally strong for his weight and build, and having an explosive temper.
Often exhibiting symptoms of Napoleon Complexand/or AngryBlackMan around people they know, but explodes in any confrontation, will curse yell and will physically assault another person that he perceives has dissed him.
Wen a Pocket Dynamite guy gets angry, he explodes in violence and anger.
Called Pocket Dynamite because the man is so short that he could fit in you're pocket, has an explosive temper, quickly becomes violent, and feels the over welming urge to "prove" him self.

"Pocket Dynamite", or "Li'l Pocket Dynamite", "Little Pocket Dynamite", "Li'l Pocket Dynamite guy", "Wiry Pocket Dynamite dude"
"In front of the movies there was a short black guy yelling at some other guy (who was larger than the black guy)"
"Oh - one of those Li'l wiry pocket dynamite guys?"
"yea! , the big guy just bumped into him and he exploded and started ranting and yelling!"

"Stay away from that guy, - he looks like one of those Li'l Pocket Dynamite guys"
by IDN February 26, 2007
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