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Possibly the most obnoxious thing you could say when someone is trying to figure out what kind of person you are or sneers at you.
No matter what, people are going to judge you; because you dress in all black and like death or because you watch Star Trek and go to Sakura Con - DEAL WITH IT.

It's the worst when it's on your MySpace profiles.

Actually, no, it's worse when they say "you have no right to judge me." Because everyone has a right to their own thoughts, so stop being self-absorbed and obsessed with pretending not caring about your so-called "haters," people who don't like you, not because they're jealous, but maybe because you may not a likable person, maybe?
Boy's MySpace About Me:
I hate my life and I wear a lot of black makeup BUT DON'T JUDGE ME I'M A HUMAN BEING!
by IAreGirl September 11, 2009

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Someone who really doesn't know how to act socially with other human beings.

It is the combination of the word autistic and goober, because that way, it sounds nicer.

Also referred to as moonpie and that one kid you are nice to only because you think they'd kill themselves if they had absolutely no friends and that one kid whose face would be broken if you weren't such a nice person.
Girl #1: And then after I asked him POLITELY to leave, he said he wondered if I liked the smell of fat Hawaiian men.
Girl #2: He did not! Did he?
Girl #1: Yeah! I know, right?
Girl #1: Oh my gosh, he is SUCH a moonpie.
Girl #2: I know, a real autogoober.
by IAreGirl June 10, 2009

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Someone who thinks they're your best friend when you really can't stand them; someone overly eager, almost crazily worshiping the ground you walk upon; can also be a stalker.

Sometimes they can be people who tell you how amazing you are, but still like to point out every single flaw and then add something like, "But I still love you" or "But you're still absolutely gorgeous!"

Someone socially retarded.

Also can be referred to as autogoober or a really obnoxious kid.

The most annoying about moonpies is when they say "I love you," especially if you say "I love you too" automatically.
Moonpie: Oh my gosh! Do you pluck your eyebrows?
Victim: Eh...moderately? I mean, I do so I don't get a gross unibrow or whatever.
Moonpie: Oh my god, they're so perfect. You're perfect. Oh...except those three hairs right there.
Victim: Umm.
Moonpie: Can I hug you!?
Victim: I guess...
Moonpie: I love you!
Victim: I lo--Thank you.
Moonpie: I'm not annoying you, am I?
Victim (coughs): No. Why would you think that?
Moonpie: We should hang out sometime!
Victim: Uh, OK.
by IAreGirl June 10, 2009

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