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When a girl goes down a guy and places her warm mouth and the guys cock. This is usually a VERY enjoyable session for the guy. Continues until the guy ultimately has an orgasm.
I got home last night from a horrible day at work. A sat down on the couch and switched to 'The Comedy Channel' and began to watch scrubs. My girlfriend was in the kitchen and she came over to see me. She asked me how it was and I complained. She than looked at me and smiled and kissed me. She than unbuttoned my shirt and kissed down my collar bone. Her tongue trailed down to just above my pubes. There she unbuckled my belt. My breath began to shorten as I ultimately waited for what is next. She pulled my pants off kissing me so passionaltly. My cock began to harden and curve up. Erect it wanted her. I was just wearing my boxer. Her hand began to slowly take them off to where I was naked on the couch with lines from the TV. Her placed her warm mouth on the tip of my dick and began to lick around. Her toungue swirled so fast. Her small hand was around the shaft of my cock. Massaging it gently. She than began to deep throat and hum. My dick was in heaven. I could feel the tip of my dick striking the back off her throat. She didn't gag. The rhythm of her mouth going up and down on my cock became unison. My dick was so hard. She began to go faster and faster. I could feel my balls tighten. I could feel the urge of cum. I held it back. Her ways were to strong. The feeling was to great. I finally began to cum. The wave of pleasure striking me so hard it felt to good. From there she swallowed.

It was the best blow job I had ever had.

I fucked her brains out later that night as my cum began to store up.
by I.just.love.it April 05, 2009

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