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A boyband. 3 brothers ( Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas) that each have incredible music talent. Nick Jonas, 16, was first signed to Columbia Records, but when the three boys wrote and sang the song Mandy together, the solo cd was dropped. Disney gave them their start. Millions of people love their music. They have released 4 albums together, plus Nick's solo cd. They have sold out concerts around the world. They starred in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. They have their own series on Disney, JONAS. They play pop/rock music. Nick Jonas has diabetes and has his own charity to help find a cure. They all wear purity rings. They are amazing men that inspire many people. LONG LIVE THE JONAS BROTHERS ;)
girl 1: who's your favorite band Kassie?
girl 2: the Jonas Brothers, they write and perform amazing songs, and inspire people around the world.
by I Support July 12, 2009
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