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On May 3rd, 2010, at 11:15:43AM, the NCSSM Science Bowl Team championed the National Science Bowl Tournament at Washington, DC, defeating the defending champions, Mira Loma High School, with a score of 106-52. This moment that went down in history was met with a celebratory uproar in the home school; all NCSSM nerds watching the broadcast hysterically cheered on their fellow nerds in Washington. Facebook was bombarded with congratulatory statuses. The team was composed of Asians and Americans; yes, that's right, there was as much white as yellow and brown. In fact, one white genius on that team answered the majority of the math questions with a rapid accuracy that would traumatize even the bravest Asian opponent. These champions were given a grandiose heroes' welcome home...and faced AP exams before they even dropped their luggage in their dorms.

Due to this great historical event, the term "NCSSM Science Bowl Team 2010" is now congruent to regular day-to-day words like "awesome" or "pwnage." Due to being quite a mouthful, the term was abbreviated for casual use to "Akhil," the name of the captain.
What the heck? You got a 2500 on the SAT?! That's ridiculous! That's so -deep breath- NCSSM Science Bowl Team 2010! -exhale-

Student A: Lalala!
Student B: Why are you so happy?
Student A: Oh, nothing much, I was just on TV in front of the entire nation and won a national tournament with a score more than double my opponent's. You know, the usual.
Student B: ...you are so Akhil.
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