3 definitions by I strong lion queen

Novaeah is not afraid to cry, she will cry anytime anywhere and not be embarrassed.
Novaeah is the most beautiful girl in the world and is not afraid to confess her love to someone or tell a family member she loves them mainly her mom who she loves the most in the world
“Whose that gorgeous girl crying over there?”

“Oh, that’s Novaeah, doesn’t she look like a model?”

“Yeah, she’s beautiful”
by I strong lion queen June 5, 2022
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The letter z is just a simple letter( which so happens to be the last letter in the alphabet), nothing else is needed to define it
Person 1: I need to use a letter in my essay and I’m felling lazy today but at the same time I wanna impress my teachers
Person 2: it’s simple, just put the letter z
Person 1: oh yeah, I didn’t know you were so smart!
by I strong lion queen February 9, 2023
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The most amazing person in the world, generous, kind, beautiful, funny and a great sister, mom, aunt, grandma, and friend. She is so loving and amazing you have to love a robin carter
Is that Robin carter?

Yeah, she’s so kind and gorgeous!

What a Robin carter
by I strong lion queen June 5, 2022
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