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Kappa is short for KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. One of the largest most prestigious national fraternities (the term 'sorority' was not even coined yet when we were born) in the country.

Kappa is NOT some stupid asian sorority that came along over 125 years after the REAL "KAPPA" was born (and only has members in asian towns like NYC and L.A.).

Second, when your everyday American uses the term, they are ALWAYS referring to Kappa Kappa Gamma. Just see the jokes made on Sex & The City (Charlotte), Friends (Rachel "Kappa Kappa Delta-changed word" I was a kappa -- hey sisters, we really are snobs!" and movie "Hello Again" for example. Ashley Judd, Jane Pauley, i can go on and on. They are all KAPPAs.

If you want proof, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA is the organization that pulls up when you type in www.kappa.org

We existed since 1870. Shut it.
"Damn, she got a bid to Kappa?!?"
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