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A middle eastern DJ of Palestinian descent.One of the fat members of Terror Squad, He is also Fat Joe's bitch. whatever DJ Khaled does, Fat Joe is always trying to take his spot infront of the camera.He is also known for barely saying anything in his songs, such as "We takin over".
He is also known for saying only "Lissteeeennn" in his songs.
Dude 1: Yo man you check out dat nigga DJ khaled in "we takin over".
Dude 2: He aint Black dipshit he middle eastern.
Dude 1: Daaayum! didnt know he was a terrorist!
Dude 2:*Sigh* Your a fucking dumbass.
by HyphyKid May 02, 2007
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One of the top militaries of the world,The indian army has 3.8 million troops being the 2nd largest army on earth, 4th largest air force in the world,and 5th Largest Navy in the world,The Indian Armed Forces also have a large Coast Guard but the rank is not known. Ultimatly, India's Militaries strength is 3rd ranking in the world. It is also known that india currently has 900 Nuclear bombs.

Several reports have mentioned that the Indian military will be an even greater force to reckon with in the future given the twin advantage of economic growth and an increasing population.
Dude 1:Dude? The Indian Military has 900 nukes?
Dude 2:Yeah crazy huh, thats enough to blow up pakistan over and over and take kashmir.
Dude 3: Yeah but somehow they are never able to take hold of kashmir!
by HyphyKid May 02, 2007
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