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You will usually find these skinny tall gay motherfuckers at your local highschool, wearing their XXXL T-shirts, piercings, and huge ragged jeans, so huge that you can see their underwear. These sons of bitches usually date or flirt with slutty girls and have their Instagram/Facebook active, posting their photoshopped muscles with a retarded quote that has nothing to do with the picture. Almost all fuck boys play soccer weekly, they waste their parents' money on soccer practices, thinking they're going to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo. They usually play CS:GO and brag about how awesome their worthless shit skins are, and how well they play their competitives, while also bragging on their CS:GO Competitive rank. They also like to scream loudly "CAPTAIN TSUBASA!!!!!" in hallways so their voice can propagate through your entire school. If you ever encounter one or more of these mutants, stay away from them, if they start picking on you, give them a good smack in the jaw and spit on their face and keep moving on, if they call their friends in a few days later, report this issue to a teacher/principal so they get fucked in the ass and be expelled from school.
They also have a really gay shit haircut and probably smokes cigarettes and drinks beers with their "friends".
Example of disciplined men that are dedicated to school and are well-built complaining about fucc boys
Disciplined Man 1: Hey dude, look at those fucking retards with their shit clothes.

Disciplined Man 2: Yeah, I know, they look like human cockroatches.
by Hydramokoto April 11, 2018
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