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A dark colored wood that can also be used as a reference to "black people." Originates from an African American bookstore in a southern state's mall called "Mahogany Books and Gifts." Due to the similarities in the skin tone of African Americans and mahogany wood, the expresion "mahogany" was derived. May also denote an excessive level of "black" ethnicity.

This may also be shortened to "mahog" or "mohog."

Both expressions are encouraged to be use plurally such as "mahoganies" or simply, "mohogs."

As an additional note, this is an excellent way for caucasions to speak directly about "black people" in the presence of said individuals without causing a confrontation.
"Damn there sure are a lot of mohogs in the mall today."

"Did you see those mohogs fight in the food court yesterday?"

"Shhhh there's a couple of mahoganies sitting over there."

"I wouldn't move into THAT neighborhood, its full of mohogs."

"She's a very mahogany type of woman."
by Huust August 15, 2007

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