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A verbal or written agreement between two persons that one person shall not bake any pancakes for the other until the two conceive a child together.
My fiancé wouldn't make me any pancakes because of the Pancake Act.
by HungryFlapJackDude March 29, 2010
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The worlds finest Navy, comprised of ships to transport Marines to the middle of nowhere to kill men women and children who are widely untrained, planes to bomb shit so the marines can walk into the smoldering crater and act like they actually did something useful like they used to a hundred years ago, and land based forces to keep retard marines from getting blown up by IEDs or dying from extreme mental retardation while they act like they've ever done something.
A branch of the military that goes out to sea in large vessels where they could all die together without having the chance to scatter like hollywood marines.
"I hate the Marine Corps. I never do anything but get fucked over. I should have joined the real UNITED STATES NAVY instead of trying to imitate the Army"

"The Marine Corps is the retarded afterbirth of the UNITED STATES NAVY"

"The UNITED STATES NAVY does awesome shit that is actually useful."
by HungryFlapJackDude April 16, 2010
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