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1) Konaak Bom Marta? Tujhe Bonkaan Kes! (Who are you shouting at? Your a hairy-asshole person).

2) Get Lost you dumb idiot. Tujhe Bonkaa Kes!

3) Tho ek Bonkaan Kes re. (He is a hair (subs. pain) in the ass! - rare usage
by Humblybob March 31, 2009

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Pronounced as Thon- (sounds like Loan) -daan (pronounced darn) i.e Thon-daan Ge (pronounced Gay).

Literal Meaning: Take it (my penis) in your mouth. Or Suck my penis. not necessarily for my pleasure but as a demeaning task.

Origins: Goan Konkani.

This phrase is used as a means to tell someone off, especially if someone is showing off.
1. I do not believe you, Thondaan Ge.

2. Do not bug me you asshole, Thondaan Ge.

The idea is similar to telling someone to get lost.

This is not about asking someone to give you a blowjob.
by Humblybob April 18, 2009

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Hindi or Marathi word (origins - India): Literal: Snake-charmers musical instrument. The one he blows to make the snake sway.

Slang: Make someone feel small - assumes the other person was showing off.
Jyaada udega tho tera poongi bajana padega.

If you fly too high (show off) I will blow your poongi.

No, it does not mean giving a blow job :-)
by Humblybob March 30, 2009

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