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Your typical, garden variety, Football asshole.
They can usually be identified by what they wear, which includes, but isn't limited to:
-Adidas Flip-flops, with long black socks.
-Gym Shorts
-Under-Armor Shirt/ Hoodie
-Under Armor Sack Pack
-Oakley sunglasses
-Flat Bill Ball cap that is cocked sideways and up

Some of the Identifying physical features are:
-Extremely short hair
-Pencil thin Chinstrap beard
-Built to the point of looking like a human turd

The Characteristics of these people are:
-Smug sense of self satisfaction
-Terrible sense of humor
-Tendency to pick on anyone who doesn't play foot ball
-Able to pick up girls by being a douche
-Usually surrounded by his teammates and girls.
-Homophobic, around other people, but Homosexual in the locker room where they chase each other around the shower naked.
-Usually focus on nothing other than football.

Football douches exist throughout every highschool
as far as they are concerned, 2 + 2 = FOOTBALL!!!
Football player- YA BRA WHATS UP?!!?!?!!!!

Guy 1- What the fu....

Guy 2 - oh, that's just a Football Douche
by Hugo8844 October 09, 2010

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