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The BEST people in the world, with the intelligence, strength and whatever more all these hillbillies lack. We aren't afraid of no one, no situation and we'll tell you off in a second if you mess with us. We're cofident and better than everyone else elsewhere....Plus we have the best accent. You wish you were like us! We have the best pizzas and bagels. And our drivers will kick your ass if you dont move on a red light...cause we're fast. We dont have tme to waste.
WE have the best food, music, fashion, culture...and yes we're cocky, concited and we're assholes...but hey thats LIFE. deal with it, hillbillies.
Hey they don't call NY the captial of the world for nothin'

some1 who lives on a farm elsewhere: Hey ya'll dat New Yorker scared tha bats outta me...i wish i was like them. But I'm a damn pussy so i gatta hate and talk shit.
by Hot Concited New Yorker November 28, 2007

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