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The period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, regarded as a time for leisure. The same as "weekend", yet more hipster.
I spent the whole of last weekstart kanoodling with myself
by Hori August 07, 2012
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Fever a Hori (look up the word hori) from otara. You might see this guy pushing a big new world trolley of used cans to recycle and get money. This guy also hangs out at the warehouse and steals jandles and sells them at the flea market $5 each.
This guy mostly steals my kfc that i leave on the bench for later, he also stole pdkm's tv and sources curtains out of his house. He also came close to winning the hori of the year award in 2004, maybe he will win it this year.
pdkm: far give my TV back our!
shut up our! i didnt steal ur tv, twilights got it! honest!!!
by hori January 22, 2005
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