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A person in the IT department that doesn't allow anyone onto the network for any reason (whether good or bad). Spends weeks on end getting his proxy server up so he can feel like a real IT department is under his fingertips. Also know to have packet sniffing software running 24/7 on his network to identify potential "spies" or "HaxOr$".
Often times this power trip is due to the fact that he/she has a small business penis and needs to grow into their role.
"We had some guests coming to our office and i had to tell them that our network was down for the day so they wouldn't ask to use our network to check email. Thanks Bandwith Nazi!"

"We had to hire some new employees and give the IT guy a day off. We needed to get them on the network and knew the bandwidth nazi would come full force with his bullshit blitzkrieg."
by Homer Jhay Simpson April 14, 2008

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