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1. Someone who is complete waste of human flesh and should not be allowed to take up air or space; 2. Anyone who thinks the term jagoff originated anywhere else but Pittsburgh, where it most definitely had its origin.
1. "I wouldn't even piss on that jagoff if he was on fire in the middle of the street, he's so totally worthless and annoying." 2. "Oh, ah, yes (nose in air), the term "jagoff" has it's roots in the mid-west, specifically originating in Chicago (sniff)."
by Holdmah Koochiekooch March 21, 2008

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Descriptive term for the pungent aroma emitted from a male's genital area, usually as a result of the combination of ingesting certain aromatic foods (onions, garlic, etc.) not bathing and engaging in activities that result in sweat collecting in the groin area. Not changing underwear is also a major contributor to having a case of "the weiner dick."
(from a female): He wanted me to give him head, and I was willing to oblige him, but he had such a strong case of the weiner dick that I thought I would gag before I ever even got close to it.
by Holdmah Koochiekooch March 15, 2008

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