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mesmerized by breasts
Back in the day, I used to be breasmerized by Jessica Simpson, now I'm just annoyed.
by Hogie1975 June 07, 2011

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Ignoring or taking some time away from your significant other to enjoy some "me" time. A reference to the 80's chick flick "Dirty Dancing" in which Patrick Swayze's charachter (Johnny) derides Baby's father (played by Jerry Orbach) for seating her in a corner.
It's high time I put Baby in a corner and get the hell out of town for a few days with my posse.
by Hogie1975 August 10, 2011

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The annoying act of smelling every candle in a retail outlet that sells candles, including Yankee Candle, BB&B, Cracker Barrel, Bath & Body Works, and others.
Girl: Let's go to the mall.
Guy: I can't.
Girl: Why?
Guy: I went to Yankee Candle last week and got kicked out for Candle Huffing.
Girl: You're a douchebag.
Guy: But Napa Valley Harvest smells so good. And Clean Cotton smells like new towels.
by Hogie1975 July 08, 2011

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