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I was swinging round the pole, feeling the eyes of all the men in the club on me, and I smirked, feeling horny as fuck. i got slightly bored of just entertaining from afar, so i swung down from the pole, and sauntered across the floor, trailing fingers into the crotches of the guys i passed, and feeling them harden in my fin gers. then i saw him - tall dark and hansome. he sat down at a table and i caught his eye. he smiled at me sexily and i walked up to him, pushing my thick blonde hair away from my face and narrowing my smoky blue eyes. i reached him and sat down on his lap, wrapping my legs around his waist. he cupped my breast, kissing it and pushing his fingers down behind the fabric of the bra. i wrapped my hands around his head, whispering things thhat made him hard. i started to grind against him, only clothes between us. id never been this attracted to a customer, he tucked a five dollar bill in my panties but i placed it back in his pocket. "for u its free" said. then i pushed my hand in his pants and fondled his cock. i was soaked and aching for him.
soaked and aching for him. "count to ten and follow" i whispered sexily, giving his dick one last squeeze and leaving the club, fingering myself. he followed and i wasted no time in shoving his dick inside me. we went hard and fast, in out in out in - in - in ORGASM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKing HELL breasts flapping up and down....
i breathed heavily as he squirted inside me, french kissing him, squeezing his ass and then i had another orgasm as he hit my g - spot. i collapsed into his arms and he kissed me long and hard, still inside me. then it happened again.
by HoHoHoGreenGiant August 22, 2011
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